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Made for everyone TotalAR accelerates knowledge retention and improves brand recall value.

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TotalAR accelerates knowledge retention and improves brand recall value. Be it training, learning, or brand marketing, AR-based content is far more likely to obtain a strong ability to remember. It imports a dynamic aspect to print materials.

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Got a Question on your mind? Frequently Asked Questions Heading Bullet
TotalAR is a simple yet impactful Augmented Reality application. It performs just like any other AR app such as Pokemon Go or SnapChat. TotalAR is meant for all as it’s a lifestyle application that helps you get better engagement from your favourite brands and make informed purchase decisions.
Yes, TotalAR is a free download. Only when your brands decide to charge you, it can change from free to paid.
All kinds of content with brand or organization communication can become a part of the application. These contents include video, website URL, contact details, 2D or 3D animation, Feedback or Survey forms.

Every kind of content that brands decide to pass on to you, will be accessible on TotalAR.
TotalAR supports all types of smartphones and tablets using the iOS and Android operating systems.
Bright lighting is advisable when using the app. We also have a flashlight feature in low-light environments.
When your surrounding has a TAR Code pinned, open TotalAR app and scan. Surprises are waiting in the form of TAR Code every time you scan. Be prepared to avail of a visually amazing user experience that can heighten the value of sensory perception.
TotalAR is coming up with a content library that will let users experience pre-loaded content in the app. This feature will be available in near future. Do stay tuned for our app updates.
TotalAR basically bridges the gap between you and your brands with the use of AR technology. We offer organizations a platform to upload targeted content that is relevant to you. The more they engage you with the content, the more you get to know the brand. Organizations can now transform all their printed material with an AR view to it. TotalAR app is a window for users to consume valuable content anywhere, anytime and avail of 360-dgree immersive experiences.
Yes, you will need an Internet connection and Wi-Fi or mobile data to use the TotalAR app.