What is TotalAR

What is TotalAR ?

TotalAR is a platform for organizations to publish their content in augmented reality

Why TotalAR

Why use TotalAR ?

TotalAR can bring life to print and provide supplemental information enhancing customer experience

Impactful AR delivered Redefining customer experience

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  • Drive customer engagement and improve satisfaction
  • Immersive storytelling platform with 3D models
  • Create relevant content focused on sales

Drive customer engagement and improve satisfaction

AR - Customer Experience

Immersive storytelling platform with 3D models

AR - Sensory Experience

Create relevant content focused on sales

AR - Conversion Potential
Made for everyone App Features
  • Focus and scan on a printed image and bring content to life
  • Use TAR codes to make your content dynamic
  • Use a target image to display different information
  • Keep your customers engaged and connected
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AR enhanced content TotalAR Platform Heading Bullet
AR enhanced content
  • PlatformIcon 01 Dynamic Platform One of its kind platform that allows companies to develop branded content
  • PlatformIcon 02 Targeted Content Deliver lasting value from AR-enhanced content meant to impress
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Customize Your Content Who can use TotalAR? Heading Bullet
  • Publishers

    Books, periodicals, and magazines, can become AR powered content

  • Education

    Introduce the TotalAR magic to academic curriculum

  • Retailers

    Let your shoppers experience the product in 360-degree view

  • Print Media

    Manage, control, and maintain your print media content

  • Ad Agencies

    Generate targeted, white label & exclusive branded content

  • Manufacturers

    Futuristic AR solutions that drive value.

  • Infrastructure

    Get the sense of the volume and scale of huge projects.

  • Real Estate

    Accurately visualize large buildings through augmented 3D models.

  • Public Sector

    Access, analyze, interpret, and apply volumes of information fast.

  • Construction

    Opportunity to virtually explore unbuilt properties.

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