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Business Traction enabled with AR

TotalAR, our AR-based platform is just what you need to create a significant difference to your content and marketing plans. Experience a never-before-seen immersive space where your company can place your existing content collaterals and obtain incredible AR-themed digital content assets.

  • Publishers Publishers can transform their content assets—including books, periodicals, and magazines--to easily manageable AR-powered content. Get a multisensory experience augmented by an easy-tograsp app from TotalAR.
  • Education Educational institutions and Ed-Tech businesses can improve their overall effectiveness and success rateby introducing TotalAR technology to their academic curricula. This could result in a noticeable improvement in the level of interaction, participation, and engagement from students and readers.
  • Retailers Showcase your product in a way that no other retail competors have done by letting your shoppers experience ita 360-degree view. Ensure that shoppers get a one-of-a-kind experience when they log on to your site.
  • Print Media Make the right first move by transferring your traditional/print content to TotalAR’s AR-based content management system. TotalAR provides the platform necessary for print media companies to manage, control, and maintain a large amount of content that they regularly develop.
  • Ad Agencies Recreate the brand magic necessary to captivate viewer attention with our AR-based application. Generate targeted, white label, and exclusive branded content with your specific marketing collateral to boost visualization and overall experience.
  • Manufacturers TotalAR can play a vital role in training and maintenance. Overlaying text, statistics, and information relevant to the worker’s current task is possible using the TotalAR platform. This valuable tool could provide visual displays of machinery parts, details to assemble, and information on how to use a specific instrument at every given stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Infrastructure Visualization of history and maintenance records and their interplay within community living is one of the most promising traits of AR integrating with urban infrastructure. TotalAR delivers great value propositions to infrastructure stakeholders.
  • Real Estate Companies can use TotalAR to explain building specifications, presenting plans on all of the print materials they give their customers. A building that is yet to be constructed can be showcased using this technology. The construction stages of a project can be developed as content, allowing customers to view the progress using the project’s brochure image or TAR code.
  • Public Sector TotalAR can help the government interact with their citizens and tourists using AR. It can be used for E-governance for citizen engagement and e-services; asset management and maintenance; public safety and emergency services; public health, wellness and sustainability; transportation and urban mobility; culture, heritage and tourism; and many more.
  • Construction TotalAR can add value to the construction industry at many levels. For instance, it can help ensure accuracy in blueprint design with digital walkthroughs that span detailed views of every corner of the project. This would reduce the occurrence of issues during construction that could result in rework and loss of time.
Get to Know Us Better How to use TotalAR platform?

Transitioning your routine advertising content to TotalAR is a matter of a few steps. With this, you can power up your videos, graphics, and text to create an lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Get the TotalAR advantage to propel your brand’s visibility beyond your aspirations.

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At TotalAR, our experts will collaborate with you in picking the best-fit TotalAR package that would be just appropriate for your specific business use case. Connect with our team, and know how you can maximize the results of your content in all types.

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