Who says ‘Exemplary’has to be ‘Expensive’?

What is offered? Pricing Information

Basic Free

  • Target Images/Tar Codes 5
  • Scans per Month 100
  • Each Additional Scan N/A
  • Admins 1
  • Mobile App TotalAR
  • Whitelabel App
  • API/SDK Integration
  • AR Editor
  • 3D Model Max Size 10 MB
  • GeoAR
  • Scheduler
  • Media Library Access Limited
  • Training Videos
  • Secure
  • Support Business Hours

Pro1 $90/month Billed Annually

  • Target Images/Tar Codes 100
  • Scans per Month 1000
  • Each Additional Scan $ 0.05
  • Admins 3
  • Mobile App TotalAR
  • Whitelabel App 3
  • API/SDK Integration
  • AR Editor
  • 3D Model Max Size 25 MB
  • GeoAR 5
  • Scheduler
  • Media Library Access Unlimited
  • Training Custom4
  • Secure
  • Support 24/7


Billed Annually
  • Target Images/Tar Codes
  • Scans per Month
  • Each Additional Scan
    $ 0.032
  • Admins Unlimited
  • Mobile App TotalAR
  • Whitelabel App 3
  • API/SDK Integration 3
  • AR Editor
  • 3D Model Max Size 150 MB
  • GeoAR 25
  • Scheduler
  • Media Library Access Unlimited
  • Training Custom4
  • Secure
  • Support 24/7
  • 1 Organizations less than $2 million in annual revenue
  • 2 Value change based on the Enterprise plan selected
  • 3 Custom pricing based on client requirements
  • 4 Videos & Live online
Got a Question on Your Mind? Frequently Asked Questions Heading Bullet
TotalAR is the brainchild and a brand of HoloPundits - the pioneering experts in AR, VR, and XR technologies.

Our team has a track record in developing advanced immersive technology applications. TotalAR was founded with an aim to take AR to the mass market.

Democratizing AR and bringing it mainstream is the goal of TotalAR team.
TotalAR envisages to reduce the usage of print materials. This way, it encourages organizations and brands to be more eco-friendly. So this drive to support clients in converting all their print to digital using TotalAR is being "TotalAR Friendly"
Organizations with existing content and digital assets can subscribe to TotalAR which is a content management system. It can effectively manage all types of content and bridge the gap between your print and digital media. Your content becomes more effective and integrated. Your company becomes "TotalAR Friendly" once you start augmenting your content on TotalAR platform.
TAR Code is unique and can work wonders for organizations when they want to map a specific content to similar looking print materials. One TAR Code powers up more than 100 unique identities be generated. TAR Code is an AR code similar to QR code.
In four steps you can easily convert your content as an augmented material. • You have visit www.totalar.com select your preferred package. • Once you get access to your account, you have to create a campaign, select the image or TAR Code you want to augment. • Upload the desired video or 3D model to the selected image, it can even be a YouTube URL. • Once you create and publish this one campaign, TotalAR team will process in few minutes and get back with a message. Now download and install TotalAR AR bot mobile application and scan the image or TAR Code you selected, the content you uploaded will start playing.
All traditional promotional collateral like a brochure, posters, standees, business cards, mural paintings, leaflet, hoardings can be augmented using TotalAR platform. The print collateral image becomes the image target, the TotalAR AR bot mobile application can scan the same image and showcase the uploaded video or 3D model. To see it as a video check (link)
The TotalAR platform is very flexible. You can either upload your content to the TotalAR platform or maintain your content on your own server and provide us with the link.
Digital media can also be promoted using TotalAR Bot application. For example - your Facebook campaign creative can become your target image which can be mapped to a video of the same campaign. Or you can create your own TAR Code and run a contest, you can ask users to scan the TAR Code and participate in the contest. This way your engagement level increases and it can be measured.
You can transform your existing mobile application as an AR app by integrating TotalAR AR Bot as an API. We will support you with our technical expertise.
Yes, we can, at an additional cost.
We will provide granular level analytics of how many customers have seen and interacted with your content or campaign.
We provide a robust and secure server service. This can be unlocked only through your account credentials. Our 24x7 online customer care window will assist with all queries, guidance, or specific needs.
Yes, YouTube links work on TotalAR. If you already have videos on YouTube, you can just provide the links in the TotalAR platform, and it will take care of the rest.
The TotalAR platform does not accept duplicate images.